eBox Smart Home Charger

Fast, safe & Smart, Prices start from £845.









Loading capacity up to Charging at 3.7/7.4/11/22 kW (depending on el. conn.)
Grid connection Single-phase and three-phase grid connection
Typ-2 socket or Typ-2 charging cable Typ-2 socket or Typ-2 charging cable selectable
Compatibility with eClick Simply dock the eBox onto eClick
LED ring to indicate charging status Optical highlight of the high-quality design
WLAN for backend connection (eHome) App/backend use without mobile phone costs
Bluetooth Simple commissioning
Secure communication through encryption (HW-& SW-based) TPM-Module (memory certificates), AES encryption
Firmware- & Software-Updates Via backend connection or Bluetooth
Proximity sensor Detects people, activates eBox. Standby mode helps to save energy
Light sensor Regulates luminous intensity of LED ring, LEDs and display
Loading capacity up to Charging at 3.7/7.4/11/22 kW (depending on el. conn.)
Voltage & current measurement Charging power & energy display without eSmartMeter
eSmartMeter (MID-compliant) for charging current billing (EKA) Smart counter optionally click into eClick
DC residual current and contactor bonding detection & overvoltage prot. Components for electrical safety & monitoring - without expensive pre-installation. - integrated
LAN ports alternative to WLAN (eHome) App/Backend use without mobile phone costs
Mobile Data Comm. LTE/3G/2G (SIM card) alternative to WLAN/LAN App/Backend use without local network
RFID Authentication by holding a user card. Available for B2B (UID in backend) and B2C (UID on eBox).
ISO15118 Comfortable authentication (Plug‘n‘Charge)
GPS Exact location information of (semi)public charging points for dynamic POIs and installers
Tilt sensor Active notification e.g. in the event of an accident
GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) For connecting external devices, such as payment modules, RCDs that can be switched on again, external parking sensors and FNN control box, EMS, … 1
5‘‘ Touch Display Convenient activation and setting of the charging infrastructure
EV Charging in your new development Warwickshire

Covered by a 3 year

Electric Car Charge points for housing developments

Eligible for £350 OZEV
EVHS grant

Fast charging for your electric car.

The eBox lets you charge at home faster than with a 3-pin plug.

  • It comes with the choice of three power ratings: 3.6kW, 7kW or 22kW.
  • Compatible with any electric vehicle, you can get up to 90 miles of range per hour charging.
  • Choose a universal socket so that any car can plug in (using a separate cable) or a tethered version (where the cable is permanently attached).

Please note: 22kW home chargers require a three-phase household electrical supply.

Protected with Auto Power Balancing.

Keep your electric car charging without disruption to your home.

  • Adjusts your charge so your electrical supply doesn't get overloaded when your home is using a lot of energy.
  • Charging returns to the fastest rate automatically, once more power becomes available.
  • Lets you run all your home appliances as needed and makes it possible to install a second chargepoint for other vehicles.

Please note: Auto Power Balancing is only available for 3.6kW and 7kW eBox Smart Chargers.

Over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi.

Unlock new features, get the latest software updates and receive remote support.

  • Receive over-the-air software updates by connecting your eBox to Wi-Fi.
  • Get new smart features that we release in future without having to buy a new charger.
  • Receive remote diagnostics from our support team in the unlikely event there's an issue with your charger.

Please note: Auto Power Balancing is only available for 3.6kW and 7kW eBox Smart Chargers.

Get your eBox Smart Charger now.

Charge fast, safe and smart.

Get more with the ZapCharged App.

Pair your eBox with the ZapCharged App to understand and optimise your energy usage.

  • Schedule your charging during off-peak hours and save up to 70% on electricity costs*
  • Gain insight into your charging activity and the associated costs from your mobile device.
  • View all your home and ZapCharged Network charging activity in one place.
  • Download itemised charging reports to form part of your home and vehicle budgeting.

Please note: Auto Power Balancing is only available for 3.6kW and 7kW eBox Smart Chargers.

Warranty and safety features.

3 year warranty as standard, safe by design.

  • Your ZapCharged charger comes with a 3 year warranty with the option to extend to 5 years while ordering.
  • Compliant with the highest international charging standards (IEC 61851, CE Certified).
  • Includes over-current and fault protection, wet gun protection and double power relay.
For more information please contact sales@zapcharged.com