As one of the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network suppliers, Zapcharged in partnership with the largest Charge Point Manufacturers is transforming transport electrification along corridors, at workplaces and cities everywhere.

EV charging hardware for all charging needs across fleets, cities, workplaces, property management facilities and more

Large deployments for leased vehicles or fleets can integrate with building and energy management systems to lower operational costs.

Station owners benefit from multiple pricing models and a wizard that makes it easy to set fees for charging.

Workplaces keep employees productive with automatic notices when a charging spot is available.

Zapcharged provides a full integrated solution to property management companies to manage every aspect of Charge Point supply, installation, service, repair and maintain your client’s facilities.


Expertly Engineered Hardware Warwickshire

Expertly Engineered Hardware

Cutting-edge platform for rapid charging corridors built for the next 10 years of electric cars, buses and lorries.

Designed for durability and reliability, stations are built for all types of locations and weather conditions.

Charge point units available as either Free to use or Appand contact less payments systems, for 3.6KW, 7KW and 22KW units.

Real-Time Cloud Services Warwickshire

Experience Real-Time Cloud Services

  • Intuitive graphical dashboard simplifies station management.
  • Advanced energy management features
  • Comprehensive analytics support planning and management reporting

Providing Unmatched Support Warwickshire

Providing Unmatched Support

  • Proactive 24/7 station monitoring
  • Zapcharged co-ordinates installations, parts and on-site labour for repairs within two business days
  • 98% annual uptime guarantee with non-performance penalty

These are just a snapshot of benefits only available from Zapcharged and not provided by other EV charging suppliers that offer standard solutions that may not meet your requirements.

How does an installation all come together?

Using a cloud based system Zapcharged can directly manage each individual charger, business and user with reporting, analytics and real time information at the touch of a button

commercial electric vehicles Midlands, Warwickshire

Zapcharged Recommended Product

To meet fully with the requirements of the majority of EV charging, we recommend a fully managed and maintained service that provides 24/7 station owner and driver support, with individual business and driver charging and suggest installing the following EV Charging unit.

Zapcharged Dual Port, Pedestal or Wall Mount, Type 2 Cable Attached charger with Cable Management and Armoured Cable Termination Kits. This particular model will supply the following charging speeds.

  • If fitted with 1Ø 16 A cabling 3.7kW
  • If fitted with 1Ø 32 A cabling 7.4kW
  • Please note, if we install a 3Ø 32 A power supply, these particular chargers can supply a 22kW charging speed, making vehicle turnaround times much quicker


This range of all-in-one cable attached charging solutions is designed for businesses, fleets and other organisations offering electric vehicle (EV) charging as a facility or service for employees, visitors and customers. Zapcharged cloud services make managing stations effortless with a graphical online dashboard that offers instant insights. Automatic “over-the-air” upgrades deliver the latest features that make charging simple for EV drivers.

  • Attached cables make charging simple and seamless: drivers never have to find their own cable
  • Innovative cable management system keeps cables off the ground and safely out of the way of drivers
  • Driver-friendly user interface with full-motion colour display informs drivers and supports dynamic updates of customised, branded video content
  • Depending on the wiring installed, the innovative design allows one product to serve multiple use cases, and an installation wizard configures stations out of the box for 1 or 2 output ports at 22 kW, 11 kW, 7.4 kW or 3.7 kW
  • Authentication and payment options include RFID, NFC, phone call, web, mobile app and contactless (Apple and Android devices) Durable high-strength construction and hardened electronics withstand climate extremes and physical abuse.
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