With ZAP Charged, you have the freedom to go. And the power to be spontaneous. Europe’s leading, high power charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) means only stopping when you want to stretch your legs – and the confidence to leave the city and GO ELECTRIC!

electric car charging points services in Warwickshire

Zapcharged is one of the market-leading suppliers and installers of electric vehicle charging points in the UK.

We work with a large number of partner manufacturers to deliver the best possible installation experience for our customers, which includes ranges from the cheapest car charging solution available on the UK market to the most advanced electric vehicle solutions for business with innovative smartphone-enabled charge points and state of the art back end management systems.

Did you know?

All our charge point solutions come with a 3 year warranty.

electric car charging points for business Midlands

The average petrol or diesel car costs around 12p per mile - which means driving a typical journey of 70 miles in a petrol or diesel car would cost around £8.40, in an electric car this Journey would cost £4.76. (Example based on an Audi Q7 e-tron).



  • Remote access with administrative-level control of every unit
  • Database views for managing thousands of units, quickly and easily
  • Multiple user access levels for appropriate usage


  • Powerful reporting to identify trends, billing, usage patterns and more
  • Granular detail for advanced monitoring
  • Data export for greater analysis


  • Real-time monitoring of all charge points
  • Instant notifications to ensure high up-time
  • In-house software development and UK manufacture forexceptional reliability


  • Export data easily for advanced analysis
  • Anonymised data collection from unique users, locations, times and more
  • Quickly drill down on data with advanced search and filters


  • Real-time map view for public access
  • Easy integration with documented API’s for third-party links
  • Existing integrations include Zap-Map, PlugShare, Google


Designed for scalability, whether that’s one or tenthousand charge points



Proven track record of UK design, manufacturingdeployment & support of public and commercialcar charge networks

For more information please contact sales@zapcharged.com