Including EV charging in new development planning to meet UK Government Guidelines

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The home owner

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Summary of proposed policy positions

Policy position: Residential Buildings

The government proposes every new residential building with an associated car parking space to have a chargepoint. We propose this requirement applies to buildings undergoing a material change of use to create a dwelling.

The government proposes requiring every residential building undergoing major renovation with more than 10 car parking spaces to have cable routes for electric vehicle chargepoints in every car parking space.

Policy position: New Non-Residential Buildings

The government proposes every new non-residential building and every non-residential building undergoing a major renovation with more than 10 car parking spaces to have one chargepoint and cable routes for an electric vehicle chargepoint for one in five spaces.

Policy position: Existing Non-Residential Buildings

The government proposes a requirement of at least one chargepoint in existing non-residential buildings with more than 20 car parking spaces, applicable from 2025.

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