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Charge Point Operating Services

Zapcharged installs, owns, and operates fast and rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the UK.

In addition, we also manage other businesses, fleets, parking providers pension companies, and local authorities networks for them providing a full set of charge point operating solutions to meet their own personal requirements.

Zapcharged offer partner landlords the ability to earn a rental income by allowing us to place our fully funded rapid charging stations on their sites.

Other benefits brought by the chargers include extra footfall and trade from visiting EV drivers.

Zapcharged open public and fleet EV charge point network

Find our public charge points at the locations you need and visit every day including car parks, supermarkets, offices, sporting venues, schools and colleges.

We work with our commercial partners to help locate areas their fleets require charging solutions and, with our extensive contacts of landowner partners, provide the EV charging solution your business needs.

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Parking operators, service stations, retail and leisure outlets and local authorities are just some of the organisations that can reap the financial rewards of leasing a small area of their land to us on a long-term operating lease.

  • DNO application for a separately metered independent electricity supply.
  • Complete turnkey supply, installation, service and maintenance plans.
  • All running costs and ongoing maintenance – maximising the availability of the charging units.
  • Fully financed packages available to cover all costs including future service plans.
  • Full maintenance from our team of engineers to ensure it is the most reliable EV rapid charging infrastructure in the UK.
  • As well as receiving an income for up to 30 years, the charging units bring other business benefits.

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