Electrifying Education

Is your school ready to provide EV chargers for your students and staff?

Benefit from Zapcharged’s limited-time offer of OZEV infrastructure grants for state-funded schools and educational institutions throughout the UK.

Zapcharged OZEV approved installers

Claim 75% towards the cost of supply and installation of £2,500 per EV charging socket installed

We offer bespoke packages ensuring NO cost to school trusts for equipment, installation and management.

Claim for up to 40 EV charging sockets per school

We have a back-office facility operated and maintained by staff working 24/7 ensuring your chargers are never out of service.

Zapcharged will run and insure the EV facilities at your school.

Limited Time Offer: Government funding expires on 31st March 2025.

If you are a learning institution looking to roll out EV charger installations for your staff, students and visitors contact us today. We can help you find the best and most affordable solution on the market that is also scalable and efficient.

We will design your charging solution

Validate and process your OZEV claim